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Bayanihan - the term bayanihan is derived from the word "bayan" which means town. The bayanihan concept initially started when a man sought help from his neighbours to move, not only their belongings but their whole house. Traditionally, a Filipino house is made of bamboo and can be moved from place to another. The spirit of community service is embedded in the culture of all Filipinos. Thus, at this trying time, we wish to amplify the culture we all raised from, and to resonate this culture in our adapted mother land and for our children to know, to continue now and beyond the pandemic, and demonstrate how we Filipinos tacked the adversities

Our Vision

Our vision of FILIPINO UNITE is to deliver real time assistance for Filipino individuals and families affected by COVID-19. We will strive to direct and support you to the appropriate channel of assistance, whether that is repatriation,national coordination, professional body assistance, counselling and individual concerns related to COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Mission

We are the FILIPINO UNITE! The FILIPINO UNITE group aims to strengthen the "bayanihan" spirit of every Filipino in the United Kingdom. This service was formed in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic

Filipino Unite Ltd is a non profit organization based in the UK

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